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Wood Fire Bricks, Wood Stove Fuel Of The Future


Gren Wood Fire Bricks from sunburst sales

Gren™ Wood Fire Bricks from Sunburst Sales LLC are a convenient cost effective wood fuel for use in your wood stove, wood furnace, wood burning boiler, fireplaces and camp fires. Wood Fire Bricks make a great campfire and are safe for campfire cooking, since they contain no additives.

Unlike firewood, Wood Fire Bricks have a consistent BTU content of about 15,000 BTUs each and are compact and easy to store. One ton of Wood Fire Bricks equals an entire cord of hard wood and stores in about half the space. In fact, for a cord of hardwood the BTU content may range form 25 to 28 million BTUs per cord. Wood Fire Bricks contain about 30 million BTUs of alternative heating energy. Why mess with a cord of bulky, messy wood when clean, compact Fire Bricks do the job better.

The bottom line is you get more BTU content for your money with Wood Fire Bricks.

Gren™ Wood Fire Bricks "User friendly firewood" Advantages

How to Use Wood Fire Bricks "User friendly firewood"Starting A Fire Teepee

Starting A Fire

  1. Place bricks in a teepee formation (Right photo).
  2. Stack additional bricks flat and tight in wood stove or furnace.
  3. Place newspaper and kindling below the bricks and ignite.
  4. Add additional bricks as needed.


Wood Fire Bricks are an extremely dry, 100% wood product. Use only in a well maintained wood burning appliance. Gren™ Fire Bricks burn hotter and expand slightly when burned. DO NOT OVERFILL or stack bricks near glass, sides or top of wood burning appliance.


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