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The Mantis Gas Stove By Empire


The Mantis Fireplace

Empire Mantis free standing gas or lp stove

The Mantis - The most efficient fireplace you can buy, with a three-stage heat exchanger 90 percent of the fuel source energy is available to heat your home. The Mantis's high efficiency combustion process allows for PCV venting; saving money, labor, and space on installation, compared to traditional systems. The high efficiency and advanced design of the Mantis keeps it cool to the touch and allows for a zero clearance installation. Yes, the Mantis can be placed right next to the wall or any other combustible surface.

Dual Burners

The Mantis has dual burners. The front burner provides 9,000 Btus and the rear provides an additional 19,000 Btus, for a total of 28,000 Btus. Operating the front burner alone lets you enjoy the ambiance of the attractive log set and gas fire without overheating the room. But, when the temperature dips, the Mantis rises to the occasion, switching on the second burner to produce maximum heat output.

Humidifies As It Heats

The Mantis humidifies as it heats. Condensed water, a byproduct of the high efficiency combustion, is used to gently humidify the room. No more static, dry skin during the winter months.

The Mantis's Advanced Solid-State Controls provide for easy no maintenance operation year after year. The Mantis is remarkably easy to operate with just two on/off buttons allowing for high(front and rear burners)medium (rear burner)or low(front burner). There is also an optional programmable thermostat available for more precise control throughout the day and week.

Fireplace Options and Accessories

For complete specifications and dimensions download the Mantis brochure.