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New Pellet plants continuously opening. There has never been a better time to switch to pellet fuel!!

With a plenary of issues over the last few years ranging from a shortage of fuel to a shortage of stoves in 2008 to this year (2010-2011) where there are huge amounts of pellets and stoves available across North America plus a variety of tax incentives.

Bill Boulton from Jamestown Pellet Stoves explains that things are looking good for the pellet industry this year. With large quantities of fuel available at a reasonable price consumers should feel more comfortable in purchasing a pellet appliance. Another important fact is that new pellet plants and distribution systems are popping up all over the country. This will provide sustainable fuel and keep the costs and quality in check. The new pellet fuel distribution options (especially in the east) will see that consumers and dealers receive far better supply and service. In many cases the pellets are now being delivered directly to the home by specialists working with the dealer in the local area. This delivery is available in either the standard 40 pound bag or in bulk delivery with storage bins. Boulton says he has even seen a self-filling pellet container which sits on the hearth beside the stove. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that. Pellet delivery technology has come a very long way in the past few years which has always been one of the concerns for pellet appliance owners.

Boulton also explained that the pellet stove technology has progressed to become extremely reliable with very little service issues. As a matter of fact we only saw one warranty issue all of 2009 which certainly indicates the stoves are dialed in. There is no question the Pellet industry has seen many hurdles but the quality built stoves are here to stay and are very reliable. Sure there are still some manufacturers out there producing a lower end stove that won’t last very long but the public will soon weed them out.
Another issue we are all looking at is the ever increasing cost of fuel oil products along with the huge oil spills such as in the gulf and the environmental disasters accompanied with it. I recently attended a bio fuel conference in New England. At the conference a presentation indicated that the New England states spent over 6 billion dollars on heating oil. Most of that money left the country. Then a scenario was painted of replacing this fuel oil with bio fuels such as wood pellets which was readily available locally. Now the over 6 billion dollars stayed in the New England economy and excess of 6 thousand jobs were created and no matter what happened in the world their heating fuel was safe and controlled by the local people. Why would anyone not support that!

With the tax incentives in many areas, quality and abundant pellet fuel supply, quality stoves, oil spills in the gulf, environmental disasters, and continuous oil price increases there has never been a better time to switch to locally produced pellet fuel.



Outdoor wood burners are moving forward in emission reduction.  

Dave Laursen, CEO, Aqua-Therm, announced Friday, June 22, 2007 that they are in the final emissions testing for Aqua-Therm's new model, the Eco-One, an outdoor wood boiler that is based on the original trusted Aqua-Therm platform, in production since 1983.

"The outdoor wood boiler industry is making significant strides in emission reductions and Aqua-Therm is proud of the role they played in the development of standards, working with the industry's caucus group, a member of the HPBA, and in its work with government agencies like EPA". "Aqua-Therm was one of the first to join the voluntary emissions reduction program". Laursen further noted the tremendous efforts and contributions that Bill Wright, Aqua-Therm's Vice President of Engineering, made working with the HPBA and EPA.

"The breakthrough technology developed for the new Aqua-Therm Eco-One outdoor wood burner reduces emissions without sacrificing Btu output. In many cases said Laursen, the new Aqua-Therm Eco-One model 275 will deliver higher Btu output with the equal amount of total available Btu's when compared to the original Aqua-Therm model 275" said Laursen.

"We're very excited to announce that the new Aqua-Therm Eco-One will be making its U.S. debut in mid-July, 2007".

Said Carey Crump, Managing Director, "The new Aqua-Therm Eco-One will be available in all three models, the 145, the 275, and the 345, all in sheltered or the cornerstone of Aqua-Therm models, the unsheltered units".

"This is an exciting time for all of us" said Bob Bast, President of Aqua-Therm's partner company, Brooten Industries. "We've all worked for so long to be in the position to introduce reduced emission OWB's. This industry is changing at a rapid pace and it's a proud moment for us", said Bast.

Aqua-Therm is pleased to announce that Aqua-Therm Northeast, located in Buckfield, Maine is our 2006 Rep of the Year. Congratulations to both Will and Teresa Deane.