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Backwoods pellets Flavored pellets

Use Lumber Jack Grilling Pellets in your smoker or grill for an unbelievable grilling experience!! Available in flavors of hickory, mesquite, cherry, apple, maple, and pecan.

Louisiana Grills & Smokers


Sunburst Sales LLC is an authorized Louisiana Grills Distributor We carry all models. Below are our most popular Grills/Smokers. For more information
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Louisiana Grills Colonial Barbecue Grills

The Colonial Series of Pellet smoking grills are built with heavy double-wall construction in both Stainless Steel or Powder Coat Finish. The double-wall construction does a great job of holding the heat in for those cold, windy, mid-winter barbecues. All our Grills and Smokers are made in the USA and Canada.



The Savannah Pellet Grill is the perfect appliance for the person who wants to cook World-Class BBQ on a great looking, energy efficient, quality built grill. With double-wall construction, this grill will slow smoke a brisket or reach temperatures high enough to grill a wood-fired steak in 9 minutes.



The Greenwood Pellet Grill is the Savannah Pellet Grill with a much larger storage area. Store all of your Smoking, BBQ, and Grilling accessories under the grill. The Greenwood is a heavy-duty, quality-built product that will look great on your deck for many years.


Grill & Smoker Standard Features & Benefits
Full Range Temperature & Smoke Control: Infinite Heat Dial easily adjustable from 180 to 500+ degrees.
Electronic Control Board: Power indicator light, 7 minute timed startup and 15 minute timed cool down.
Primer Button: Help maintain your BBQ heat or add smoke with this push button primer, an industry first!
Air Cooled Fuel Feed System: Patented paddle wheel feed system, time proven design provides even pellet fuel flow. Forced air flow keeps component parts and fuel cool.
Convective Cooking: Eliminates the need for a rotisserie. Achieves more even cooking temperatures While retaining food’s natural juices.
Arched Flavor Guard: Reduces flare-ups - enhances amount and quality of smoke - improves heat distribution
Durable Construction: 14 gauge steel body with heavy duty levelers and wheels or castors.
300 Watt Electric Auto Igniter: Easy pushbutton start, no more messy starters!
Heavy Stainless Burn Grate with Burn Pot Easy maintenance and cleaning for longer life.
Easy fill Side Mounted Pellet Hopper: Easy service and maintenance, comes standard on all Country Smokers Series.
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Louisiana Country Smokers Smokin' Grills

TG-300 “The Tailgater”

TG300 Smoker

The perfect take-along companion for your good time needs! With 300 of porcelain coated cooking surface, you’ll be the envy of the comp ground, RV site, and stadium parking lot or picnic area.

Take your oven with you! The Tailgater is not limited to succulent burgers, juicy smoked venison or tantalizing grilled trout; you can also enjoy its wide gamut of baking features. Finish off that hearty burger with some warm, chewy chocolate chip cookies right off the grill! Your entire meal is prepared using one easily portable appliance!

All our Country Smoker series grills are painted with matte finish barbecue paint, ensuring durability and easy maintenance. The Tailgater takes up minimal space, making it the winning take-along appliance for your portable party! A guaranteed crowd pleaser!

Also available with curved hood or stainless steal finish.


CS-450, CS-570 & Cold Smoker Addon

CS450 Smoker
CS-450 CS-570
Add on Cold Smoker
Cold Smoker addon for low temperature smoking.
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Employing the benefits of wood pellet fuel technology with 450 and 570 square inches of cooking surface the CS-450 and CS-570 are family and neighborhood gatherings favorites. Smoke, BBQ, Bake, Sear, or Grill anything you can think of.

The Country Smoker CS-450 and CS-570 models utilizes 450 or 570 of Stainless cooking surface. Not only do these versatile grills/smokers smoke salmon and wild game, they also grills juicy steaks and slow roasts pork butt. When you’re finished with all that, bake your pies and cookies to perfection without overheating your home with your conventional oven.
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